MLK Day Marathon Reading

The Office of Civic Engagement and Africana Studies invite you to participate in a Marathon Reading of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail.”  After King was arrested on April 12, 1963, for breaking Alabama’s mass demonstrations laws, he wrote this letter in response to several white clergymen who urged him to cease … Continue reading MLK Day Marathon Reading

Spring Classes

SPRING 2019 Courses (Please contact the instructor of record for more information about specific courses) 50:014:130 INTRODUCTION TO AFRICANA STUDIES General Education Code: Diversity (D) Monday 2:05 PM – 3:25 ATG-206 Wednesday 2:05 PM – 3:25 ATG-206 Instructor: MOSES 50:014:204 AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY Section 01 Cross-Listed With: 50:512:204:01 Monday 12:30 PM – 1:50 FA-219 Wednesday … Continue reading Spring Classes