The major in African Studies requires the successful completion of 12 courses for 36 credits. Seven courses are required and five are electives.

The seven required courses constitute an Africana Core with requirements in Theory; History and Literature; Methodology; and the Capstone. Students must earn a 2.0 or better in the major or minor to complete the degree. Except for Intro to Africana Studies and Race and Ethnicity, the courses listed below are only examples of the types of courses that can satisfy these requirements. Please consult with the program director to see if a specific class meets an actual requirement.

Core Courses

Theory: three courses (6 credits)

  • Intro to Africana Studies
  • Race and Ethnicity

History and Literature: three courses (9 credits)

  • Pre-Colonial Africa, Africa Since 1800
  • African American History I, African American History II
  • Early African American Literature, Modern African American Literature

Methodology: one course (3 credits)

  • 50:509:299 Perspectives in History (three credits)
  • 50:790:391 Quantitative Methods in Political Science (three credits)
  • 50:830:215 Statistics for Social Science (three credits)
  • 50:920:301 Methods and Techniques of Social Research (three credits)
  • 50:960:183 Elementary Applied Statistics (R) (three credits)

Electives: five courses (15 credits)

Capstone: one course (3 credits)

  1. Additional course (300-level or higher)
  2. Independent study (with permission of program director and instructor)
  3. Graduate seminar (with permission of program director and instructor)
  4. Internship (with permission of program director and instructor)


Capstone: Any 300-level or higher Africana course can satisfy the capstone requirement, but if a student would like to use an independent study, graduate seminar, or internship to meet this requirement, this is also possible after consultation with the program director.

Electives: Courses that are taken to satisfy the Theory, History and Literature, or Methodology requirements cannot also count as electives.