Africana Studies is an interdisciplinary program devoted to the understanding of Africa and people of African descent throughout the world. It offers a major and minor at the undergraduate level, specialized course offerings at the graduate level, and programming designed to raise consciousness about the histories and issues that concern black life.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • Foreground the indispensability of Africa and its people to world history and culture

  • Prepare students to meet their educational, professional, and personal goals by way of an investigation of black diasporic cultures and knowledges

  • Interrogate the meanings and effects of race and racism and how they are interconnected to other systems of identity and power

  • Articulate the present world and author alternative ones in response to the larger patterns that relate to people of African descent

Students in Africana Studies at Rutgers–Camden receive a broad and varied exposure to Africana culture, economics, politics, and history both nationally and internationally.  This is made possible by elite professors from several departments who teach innovative courses in literature, religion, dance, art, sociology, anthropology, criminal justice and history about the Africana experience.