Course Title Africana Studies Course Number Instructor Time Cross-listings
Introduction to Africana Studies 50:014:130:90 Christopher Sewell Online  
African American II 50:014:204:01 Marvin Walker MW 12:30-1:50 50:512:204:01 
African American Theatre 50:014:215:90  Forbes-Erickson Online 50:965:216:90 
ST in AS:  Jamaica: Culture, Politics, and Health 50:014:318:I2 Eliezer Marcellus Th 6:00-8:50 50:590:389:I2  50:480:381:I2 
Peoples and Cultures of Africa  Middle Passages: Journeys to, from, and Within Ghana 50:014:319:I1 Erin Leuthold  Th 2:00-4:50 50:480:380:I1
ST in AS: African Diaspora’s Writers in the Hispanic Caribbean 50:014:381:01 Amauri Gutiérrez-Coto  MW 12:30-1:50 50:940:291:01 
ST in AS: Sociology of Jazz 50:014:381:02 Hazzard TTh 9:35-10:55 50:920:348:01 
ST in AS: Race, Colonialism and Childhood in Afro-Diasporic Arts   50:014:381:03 Hugo Bujon T 2:00-4:50  
ST in AS: Soul of the 60s & 70s 50:014:381:90 Fields Online 50:700:310:90 
ST in AS : History of Gospel Music 50:014:382:90 Fields Online 50:700:141:90 
ST in AS :Race, Politics, and Religion 50:014:382:91 Nicholas Johnson Hybrid W 12:30-1:55 50:840:266:91