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Message from the Director

 Dr. Katrina Hazzard-Donald

Director of Africana Studies & Research Program

Director of Africana Studies & Research Program

The nation’s first Africana Studies department was founded in 1968 at San Francisco State University and despite wide acceptance of Africana Studies in academia still there remains the unsettling question about its ability to produce outstanding citizens equal in quality to individuals who as undergraduates majored in history, biology,  English or art.  Africana  Studies has now been around for a long enough period to examine its results: productive men and women who are major contributors to society.  Now we can see what two generations of Africana Studies graduates has produced.  In a globallized world, Africana studies majors will be equipped to understand international issues as well as issues of cultural diversity in a globalized business and legal environment. I invite you to examine the list of Africana studies majors compiled by Robert Fikes, Jr., Librarian at San Francisco State University. Just click on the tab at the left “What can you do with a degree in Africana Studies and Research?”   

I invite you to sit in on an Africana Studies class at Rutgers Camden and experience first hand the dynamic curriculum and teachers who work in and support the program. Though we are not a department yet, we are embarking on a new era of growth that will lead to departmental status. Perhaps you will be in the next generation of Africana graduates. To arrange to sit in on a class just call 856-225-6470 and ask to speak to the director.