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Meet Dr. Chinyere Osuji

Dr Chinyere Osuji

Each month this academic year, the Africana Studies website will be featuring a different faculty member affiliated with the program. Our inaugural interviewee is Dr. Chinyere Osuji, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology.


Director: Dr. Keith Green, Associate Professor of English

Program Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Dee Jonczak

Full-time Faculty

Dr. Cati Coe, Associate Professor of Anthropology

Dr. Stacy Gillard-Matthews, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Dr. Wayne Glasker, Associate Professor of History

Dr. Katrina Hazzard-Donald, Professor of Sociology

Dr. Chineyere Osuji, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Part Time Lecturers

Dr. Muhammad Ahmad (Maxwell Stanford, Jr.)

Dr. Robert Miller

Dr. Mahdi Ibn-Ziyad