Students have two pathways for completing a major in Africana studies, depending on when they declared. Students who declared as an Africana Studies major before Fall 2015 may follow either the older or newer degree requirements, but those who declare Fall 2015 or later will have to follow the most recent guidelines.

Pre-Fall 2015 Core Requirements

Each Africana studies major must take 10 courses for a total of 30 credits approved for the major.

In addition, they will choose a departmental minor (the number of credits varies by department); the required departmental minor may not be in another interdisciplinary or area program. The Institute for Effective Education may count as a minor. Thus, the program focuses the course of study on material that prepares students for meaningful careers of their choice and/or advanced-degree training.

Students who wish to major or minor in Africana studies should consult with the program director. A grade-point average of 2.0 or better is required in courses for the major or minor in Africana studies. This program can be completed only through daytime attendance.

Four courses (12 credits):

  • 50:014:400   The Capstone Project (three credits)**
  • 50:512:203 African-American History I (R) (three credits)
  • 50:512:204 African-American History II (R) (three credits)
  • 50:920:316 Race and Ethnicity (three credits)

One course (three credits):

  • 50:070:356 Peoples and Cultures of Africa (three credits)
  • 50:516:241 Precolonial Africa (three credits)
  • 50:516:242 Africa since 1800 (three credits)
  • 50:790:335 Government and Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa (three credits)

One course (three credits):

  • 50:352:250   Survey of African-American Literature I (three credits)
  • 50:352:251   Survey of African-American Literature II (three credits)
  • 50:352:351   The Harlem Renaissance (three credits)
  • 50:352:451 Major African-American Writers (three credits)

One course (three credits):

  • 50:509:299 Perspectives in History (three credits)
  • 50:790:391 Quantitative Methods in Political Science (three credits)
  • 50:830:215 Statistics for Social Science (three credits)
  • 50:920:301 Methods and Techniques of Social Research (three credits)
  • 50:960:183 Elementary Applied Statistics (R) (three credits)


Students will take three elective courses with subject code 014 (9 credits). They may not use the same course(s) to meet both the major requirements and the elective requirements. 

50:014:310 Independent Study (BA)
Independent readings under the supervision of a faculty member in the Africana studies program. For juniors and seniors only. Permission of the director of the Africana studies program required. Credits and hours are by arrangement only.

50:014:400 The Capstone Project (three credits)
An independent research project supervised by a faculty member on a topic of interest to the student, culminating in a major paper 25-30 pages in length. Student must be at least a junior. (Students who declared their major in Africana studies after September 2008 do not have to take the Capstone Project, but must take four elective courses, the equivalent of 12 credits.)

In addition, appropriate special topics, independent study and new courses may be substituted for the above courses with approval of the director.